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The World War Two Polish Living History Group is dedicated to preserving the memory and deeds of Poland's armed forces 1939 - 1945
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Who Are We?

The WWII Polish LHG is comprised of two, separate, recreated Polish units. The 305 Polish Bomber Squadron ,and 10th Dragoon Regt, 2nd line squadron (click highlighted links to enter) all fall under the overall umbrella organization. All members are strictly volunteers who have a passion for researching Poland's contributions to the ultimate allied victory in 1945. By bringing the stories, uniforms and equipment out for public display, it is our hope that the general public may come to appreciate the magnitude of Poland's role in WWII. Although our primary representation are these three units, at times our members may choose to tailor their impressions to a specific unit and time frame on a per event basis.

Moving into the 21st century we now also have a facebook page with more photos. Feel free to visit us there at
WWII Polish LHG facebook

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Why the Polish Military?

Poland fielded the fourth largest allied manpower contingent to the war effort. This country lost almost one fifth of it's prewar population in defense of European and world freedom. At the end of the war due to political concessions made by Poland's allies at Yalta, the surviving Polish population suffered under the yoke of communism for nearly 50 years. The country that first stood up to German aggression in 1939 and never surrendered was not allowed to march in the London victory parade of 1945. Much of the history of what these valiant soldiers did in North Africa, Italy, Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean and in the skies has been lost during the cold war. It is time for their stories to be told and their contributions to be recognized. This is our goal.


Where are we located and what are our recruitment policies?

We currently have members in NY, MD, VA and OH. Most of our displays take place at centrally located historic sites or private venues in the mid Atlantic states, Northern Virginia and Ohio. All member units of the WWII Polish LHG are open to motivated new recruits. Polish ancestry is not required. We're looking for people who enjoy research, camaraderie and are comfortable interacting with the public. In order to satisfy various state firearms laws we also require members to be at least 18 years of age. We suggest that if you're interested in learning more, contact us via email:
We can arrange to meet at one our of various displays. Our unit generally attends approximately four large events per year and members often also make local appearances on the side as well. If you are of average size we might be able to outfit you with uniform and equipment as loaner gear for one or two events to make sure this is the right hobby for you before investing in your own kit.

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Veteran Interaction

One of our goals is to interview as many WWII Polish veterans as possible and record their stories for future generations.  If you would like to be contacted for a telephone or email interview, please contact our site administrator. email:

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