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Download page

Download page

     This is a page where WWII Polish LHG members may download our complete uniform standards, bibliography, drill manual and list of vendors. Simply right click over the icon and select "save download as." Video of the basic rifle drill can be downloaded at our 10th Dragoons website which is linked from our home page.

Table of Contents

Download TOC.doc

Mission Statement

Download mission statement.doc

305 Squadron Uniform Regulations

Download 305 squadron.doc

10th Dragoon Uniform Regs

Download dragoons.doc

Carpathian Lancers Uniform Regs

Download Carpathian Lancers.doc


Download Bibliography.doc

Approved Vendors

Download vendors.doc

Drill Manual

Download Drill Manual v 2 (3).doc

Collar Tabs

Download collar tabs.jpg

Front Page

Download front page.doc