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Event Pics 2012

University of Connecticut World Fest, March 24

The students from UConn's Polish club sponsored the WWII Polish LHG at this year's event.
We brought a modest display to do our part in educating the visitors as to Poland's contribution
to the war effort. I'd like to thank the students and their teacher for inviting us, we had a
great time.

The event was well attended by students, faculty and visitors. We had a non stop crowd throughout the afternoon.

Here members of the Polish club demonstrate a traditional dance from the southern region.

We've been fortunate enough to develop a great relationship with our counterparts from the 17th Century.
Here Richard Brzostek sports his nobleman's period dress.

Before the dancing both of our historical groups gave a brief overview of our educational missions to
the audience.

Polish Soldiers Memorial Pilgrimage
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada
June 10

The WWII Polish LHG was once again honored by the event organizers to attend the annual holy mass and parade to honor the Polish soldiers who died in training while in Canada.

Considering the long travel distance, I decided to make a mini vacation out of the Canadian event. On Thursday the SPK headquarters in Toronto graciously invited me for dinner and to tour their collection. I am very indebted to Henry Sokolowski and Tomasz Bakalarz for their great hospitality. Here is a picture of one of their donated uniforms on display.

The following day Brian and Linda met me at the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton. We spent the majority of the day touring the aircraft and speaking with their staff. The museum is really doing a great job of preserving the history of the RCAF.

Generally speaking I like to pack my vacations in with as many activities as possible. Here Stefan Wieclawek and his team pull out their various military vehicles for a convoy to a local military surplus store. They put these as well as a WWII 2.5 ton truck and jeeps on display to help raise money for the Wounded Warrior project. Thank you very much for the hospitality extended to me by the local vehicle collector chapter. I spent some time driving Stefan's halftrack around which has inspired me to start working on the rear brakes of my own M3A1. By inspired I mean sometime within the next 10 years of course.

Of course the main purpose of the whole visit was to participate in the actual ceremony at the Haller Legion cemetery in town. The day was incredibly hot. The parade leading to the mass site wasn't too bad however once the various color guards were standing in the sun during mass, things got pretty bad. Here some of the various veterans and fraternal organizations were on our right flank.

We were greatly honored when Stanley Markut of the 2nd Polish Armoured Regiment agreed to escort our wreath laying detail. Pictured left to right are myself in 1939 gear, Greg Fekner representing 10th Dragoons, Brian Neri as PAF and Stan in his original uniform.

I quickly snapped this shot before we marched off to the next portion of the parade. This is an example of how many fraternal and veteran organizations support this event. We were number 44 in the wreath laying line up and there were plenty of organizations behind us as well.

After the mass we were invited back by the Polish Canadian Congress to Polonia Park. There was great food, music and most of all people. Here an original member of the 300 squadron poses with our PAF mannequin on display. This man was a tail gunner in a Lancaster bomber towards the end of the war. We really had a great time talking to the various veterans and visitors.

Joanna Furnace WWII weekend
Morgantown, PA 21-22 July

Our PA contingent Zach and Natalie represented Poland's contribution at the annual Joana
Furnace event.

Zach set up a small HQ display enticing the public with a promise of filling out army forms and
sleeping on uncomfortable cots. Who couldn't resist enlisting?

As you can see, it worked. Despite the oppressive July heat the promise of a free
uniform, three square meals and lots of drill has paid off. No matter that the rifle
is about the same height as the recruit.

Polish American Festival
Our Lady of Czestochowa, Doylestown PA
Sept 1-2

Members of the WWII Polish LHG were again delighted to be invited to the shrine's
annual event. Here a August of '39 soldier poses with a young fighter of the
Armia Krajowa.

Our display consisted of 12 mannequins depicting various Polish WWII uniforms and equipment.
The battle dress was enhanced by various weapons and paper documentation.

Chris Moore carried the Polish Air Force torch for the event. Luckily the PAF served in the North
African desert in 1943 thus allowing the use of cotton khaki's.

The Bren MkII is always a big hit with the kids. Behind stands a mannequin with original 5th
Kresowa Division insignia.