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Event pics 2013

FDR Presidential Library
Hyde Park, NY
25 May

During the renovation of the grounds of the library, our friends at The Duffle Bag Inc
continue to coordinate with the Presidential Library to bring a quality program indoors
to the visiting public. This year I did a small display to educate and represent the
Polish Air Force's contribution.

An original example of a mid war "suits air crew" sometimes unofficially referred to as RAF battledress.

Air navigation maps, photographic reconnaissance photos and aircraft identification models were on hand for the
public to view.

Original Sidcot flying suit, parachute harness and "C" helmet with "H" oxygen mask round out the display.

Joanna Furnace
Morgantown, PA
July 20-21

There's not much one can say about this summer on the East Coast other than "hot."
WWII Polish LHG members soldiered on, pun intended, through the 90+ temperatures
and extreme humidity. Our display sought to portray the contribution of the
Polish Carpathian Brigade during the defense of Tobruk. Something tells me it was
probably cooler there originally than what we were experiencing in PA that weekend.

In addition to our standard infantry equipment display, Natalie debuted our fledgling Polish Red Cross display.
We all tried to stay hydrated and therefore did not have any heat casualties. If we did however, we would have had
many original 1940's medical supplies on hand. Of course they're too expensive and old to use now, so our back up plan was
to just suck it up, or bleed to death.

Through the diligence of Corp. Moore and Pvt. A. Petronis, no Germans attacked us
throughout the weekend. Plus the Vickers has the added advantage of requiring at least one crew member to sit.

The field phone switchboard at headquarters. Always a favorite for the kids
to play with.

Aug 31 - 1 Sept. Polish-American Festival
Our Lady of Czestochowa, Doylestown, PA

A fun and exciting event was had over Labor Day weekend.
As in years past, our display consisted of various uniforms
and memorabilia on display for the public.

Here Chris Moore our resident Vickers expert and
owner of the piece explains of the finer operational
details to the public.

Visitors ponder the Bren guns' mysteries. Why is the
magazine coming down from the top? Isn't this really
a Japanese type 97? How do you aim it? No answers
were received from the mannequin.

Here our AK female volunteer Veronika poses with Arkadiusz in
the standard summer 1939 combat uniform. The weather was hot
and humid so even this linen uniform became oppressive after a
few hours.

Dennis Popelia in an even more oppressive wool wz36 uniform
discusses the merits of the PIAT with visitors.

One of the highlights of our weekend was having the honor of
placing a wreath at the Katyn Memorial in the heart of the
veteran's cemetery at the shrine. Here we march in formation
to the monument.
( Our thanks to
Hania Kazimiera Langenfeld
who provided all photos of the monument sequence)

Here our formation arrives at the monument.

The firing detail consisting of Chris P, Jake B, Dennis P
and Arek D prepare to move into position.

Veronika C and Chris M place our wreath.

The riflemen fire a traditional blank, three
round volley in honor of those who
sacrificed all.

Our members present arms while in the distance Rich from
the 17th century Polish Hussars played traditional Polish
"taps" on the trumpet. We would like to pass our thanks
onto him for taking the time to learn the bugle call.