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Event Pics 2018

Annual Battle of the Bulge Commemoration
Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville PA

By unit vote we dedicated 2018's event as field training during the Friday tactical
while using Saturday for PAF training. Of course we forgot to take
pictures on Friday as we were a little busy, Saturday however our war
correspondent Darragh was on hand to photographically document
our various evolutions in the barracks. Here we are donning the
blue in front of our PAF flag.

Our topics were mainly basic refresher training. The day's courses
consisted of;
305 Squadron unit history
PAF/RAF rank structure & specialty ratings
Friendly vs Foe aircraft identification
Typical crew composition and responsibilities for Wellington, B-25 & Mosquito aircraft
RAF flight gear

We were fortunate to have the 2nd barracks floor available for training this year

The flight gear class was especially interesting. Here two unit
"volunteers" were dressed comparing early and mid to late war
gear. SqdrnLdr Moore provided all the gear and went over the
equipment piece by piece while dressing our crew members.

Here we compare the observer harness and seat pack. Both would've been
worn by Mosquito crew.

Amid a brisk chill Saturday evening we lower our colours
for the weekend. Afterwards we ate dinner at Funck's and
off to the USO dance to trip the light fantastic until
falling asleep on our feet by 22:00.