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Sept Pol-Am Festival Doylestown, PA

doylestown 001.jpg

Here's a view of part of our display from this year. As always, lots of food, fun and wonderful visitors at the event. The shrine staff did a great job of handling the large crowds and the weather was perfect.

doylestown 002.jpg

This year we had 11 mannequins with uniforms representing all facets of Poland's contribution to World War Two. New this year was an original Polish Navy uniform. We were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with several vets over the weekend.


Given this was the 70th anniversary of the start of WWII, we were joined this year by three soldiers with 1939 impressions. From left to right Matt Maciolek, Bob Courtney and Mark Ragan.


The opening ceremonies consisted of a parade. Here I sit astride a quarter horse on my way to the parade mustering area. It had been several years since I had ridden. Luckily the horse was smarter than the rider.

Oct '09 Pulaski Day Parade, Philadelphia, PA

Copy of Phillly 013.jpg

The WWII Polish LHG was sponsored to participate in the parade. This year's theme was the 65th anniversary of Monte Casino. We therefore represented various units from the 2nd corps to include the Carpathian Lancer Regiment, 5th Kresowa Div, Polish Commandos and PSK. A great honor for our members.

Vera Philly.jpg

Vera Petronis representing the women of the PSK from the 2nd Corps.

Copy of Phillly 015.jpg

After the parade we were able to meet some original veterans of the Battle of Monte Casino.

Oct 2009 St. Adalbert's Polish Heritage Festival

Copy of DSC01694.JPG

St. Adalbert's once again held their festival at the Polish Community Center in Albany, NY. Here Chris Petronis wears an original wz.36 officers uniform from the 57th infantry regiment. Son, Andrew Petronis represents a messenger boy from the AK underground army.

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