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March 2009

commando 008.jpg

WWII Polish LHG members Rich Holliday, Chris Moore, Chris Petronis and Mike Hernendez were invited to the invitational tactical at Newville, PA the weekend of March 7-8. Due to the historical setting of the scenario we brought out our Polish commando impressions. A good time was had by all despite some aching muscles the next day. Special mention should be made to Mike who ran full bore into barbed wire around 21:30 on Saturday night. Luckily his uniform was not damaged but he did suffer cuts to his knees and wrist. They will heal, the uniform wouldn't.

commando 005.jpg

Our surprisingly comfortable sleeping quarters inside a bombed out Italian farm house.

commando 013.jpg

While holding our place in the trench line Pvt. Holliday makes a new friend. "Alas poor Yorick", Rich begins to recite Hamlet.

July 09


Member Zach Mateja with his display at Sacred Heart church's annual Polish festival July 21-23 2009 in Swedesburg, PA


Zach with Polish 2nd Corps vet Julian Kurpiel. Mr. Kurpiel served with the 3rd Carpathian Brigade as a wireless operator.

August, Nassau, NY

live fire 2009 (1).jpg

Dragoon Brian Neri takes aim with the TMSG at 25 yards during our live fire training weekend. For more photos of this evolution please visit our Dragoon website as ref'd on our WWII Polish LHG home page

Sept 1st 70th Anniversary of Poland's invasion


The Polish American Cultural Center in Philadelphia held a commemoration ceremony to mark the start of WWII. Zach was invited to display items relevant to the Polish contribution.


Here Zach makes some brief remarks to the audience.

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