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Tadeusz Wisniewski

Tad was a member of the 4th Signals Battalion in Scotland as part of the I Corps in 1944. He was liberated
by U.S. troops from forced slave labor in France. Mr. Wisniewski was transported to the U.K where he
quickly joined his Polish compatriots. Here he's standing guard by his signals collection truck somewhere on
the Scottish coast. The reverse side of this photo is posted below.

Tad beside his Canadian Ford CMP. While in the UK he learned to drive just about anything
with an internal combustion engine. On one visit he regaled me with a story about joy
riding in a tank once and getting thoroughly reprimanded.

Here Tad and company are taking a break from performing maintenance on his SIGINT truck. Notice
what appears to be denim work uniforms. Can anybody identify the odd tent in the background?

This was taken while General Anders was visiting for Christmas.

The rear of the Anders photo had this stamp on it. This leads me to believe Tad got it from a friend
in the photo unit perhaps?

Another picture near a signals truck. Tad appears to be one of the taller men in his unit. He had always
been an athlete. In civilian life he enjoyed running and participating in various sporting activities.

A picture snapped during a special Christmas dinner.

A view of the 4th Signals Company in Scotland.

As I mentioned above, Tad liked vehicles. He spent many hours on whatever motorcycle he could get
his hands on.

A different bike, notice the lack of blackout headlight as opposed to the motorcycle above.

Did I mention Tad liked bikes? I wish I could get a close up of his shoulder unit patches.

Signals company during inspection. The rear of this photo is pasted below.

Something tells me by the scowling of the officers this picture was not particularly welcome.

Tad and his holder brother shortly after the war. The family was from Grudziadz. He and his
family were separated by the Germans, each going to different forced labor camps in the Reich.

Shortly after the war Tad volunteered for the newly formed GTC corps. These were displaced Polish persons who in
this case, formed a tactical smoke generation unit in Germany. Tadek served within the wire communications platoon
of this company by reason of his experience in the Polish army. After approximately two years of service with the
GTC, Wisniewski was eligible to immigrate to the U.S.