Veteran Interviews – Emilie Fudala

Like Joe Beiga, Emilie was forcefully deported to Siberia as slave labour by the Soviets. She answered the call when General Anders was forming a new Polish army on Russian soil. She to weathered the difficult journey through Russia’s Southern Tier eventually out to Palestine. Here she volunteered to join the Women’s Auxiliary Service (PSK in Polish) performing invaluable duties to the 2nd Corps. These women took up jobs to free men to fight in the front lines. Many served in communications, education, food services and in Emilie’s case, much needed transport drivers. The 316th mission was to get supplies to the front for which many women paid with their lives. Emilie survived many brushes with death and after the war emigrated to Binghamton, NY to restart her life. She is also a member of her local S.W.A.P. post.