Veteran Interviews – Lt.Col Karcz

Lt.Col Karcz was born in 1922 son of a prominent Polish military family. His father was the inspector of all Polish cavalry in prewar Poland. Jan escaped with his mother and brother during the September campaign in 1939 while his father’s cavalry brigade fought on. Karcz attended the Polish officer’s training school in Coetquidan, France. After the disastrous June campaign Jan again escaped this time ultimately ending up in Scotland. After more training he received his commission in the 1st Polish Armoured Division’s reconnaissance regiment. They were later reorganized and given the title of 10th Dragoon Regiment. The regiment & division entered the Normandy area of operations on July 29th 1944 and came under the 2nd Canadian army. They took part in the very famous battle of the Falaise Gap where the 1st Polish Armoured succeeded in bottling up several German divisions until the Canadians could link up with the from the north and the US 90th Division joined them from the South. Jan went on to fight through France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. After the war he earned his degree from Cambridge and his doctorate from Chapel Hill in North Carolina. He has been invaluable in our research and I am honored to call him a friend.

Jan in service dress uniform, Scotland 1941